Our expertise

Turnkey Solutions in Industrial Automation

Automation of enterprises is the operational management and control of technological processes and technical objects and it includes: 

• collection, processing and storage of data about the technological process in real time 

• tracking, measurement and maintenance within the specified limits of temperature, pressure, flow rate of liquid and bulk substances and other important indicators 

• remote control of technological and transportation lines

• alerts and emergency management

Our company offers solutions: 

- automated systems for operational dispatch control of enterprises  

- automated production control systems (APCS) 

- integrated communication and warning systems 

- automated control and management systems for power supply facilities 


 Steps of project implementation:
1. Pre-project survey of the facility, analysis of design and working documentation (technological, electrical)  
2. Preparation of documents and feasibility study of the project for the implementation of automated systems
3. Development of technical specifications and 
APCS concept
4. Creation of a draft design of 
5. Design and survey work
6. Development of a technical project 
7. Software development
8. Design and operational documentation
9. Selection and delivery of equipment
10. Construction work
11. Installation and supervised installation
12. Commissioning, architectural supervision
13. Training 
14. Service (warranty, post-warranty, technical support) 


We work with the most advanced and well-known hardware and software produces: Siemens, Schneider Electric, Eaton, Omron, etc. 

Our team is highly qualified engineers, software engineers and project managers,  it allows us take on projects of any complexity and perform them efficiently.

Solution implementation results: 

  • improving labor safety 

  • increase in labor productivity 

  • cost reduction 

  • reduced energy consumption