Our expertise


Engineering solutions for energy industry.

Reconstruction and modernization of facilities: 

Modernization and replacement of equipment with more modern ones, as well as audit and reconstruction of the facility's power supply reliability systems 


- development of systems:  APCS,ACS RPA, SCADA, MES 

- dispatching systems 

- automated systems for commercial accounting of electricity 

Electric power distribution:

- complete power distribution systems with a voltage of 220-110-35–10–6-0.4 kV  (transformers, transformer substations, switch gears and control gears, KSO, relay protection, diagnostic equipment, etc.)

- low voltage (0.4 Kv, 0.63 Kv) and high (6 Kv, 10 Kv) automated electric drive systems based on modern frequency converters and reduced-current start devices

- excitation systems of synchronous electric motors and generators 

- design of a facility’s own power generating capacity and improving energy efficiency

- electrical equipment 

- electric lighting 

- power supply systems for low-current equipment 

Other systems:

- communication systems, alarm systems, security systems 

- access control systems 

- other elements of engineering systems of buildings 

 We carry out both complex projects and the supply of equipment from reliable world and Russian manufacturers.


What we do:

- pre-project survey 

- design (basic, detailed) 

- equipment manufacturing and delivery

- installation, installation supervision 

- commissioning works 

- training 

- service maintenance 

- warranty service