Our expertise



2. Energy conservation

- Automated electric drive systems
- Synchronous motor and generator excitation systems
- Automated power resource control-and-recording systems 
- Complete power distribution devices

Design and implementation of technical solutions for the following productions:

1) Sintering production

APCS transport flows of materials with realization of continuous weighing conveyor, control of electric drives and automation of conveyors, hopper gauge, control and measuring devices gates, etc. 

2) Blast Furnaces 

Turnkey projects of modernization of the furnaces starting. APCS for conveyors, screens, weighers, control of top loading (skip hoists, distribution cabinets, probes) and air heater systems 

3) Steelmaking (converter) production

APCS for converter process, preparation charge; modernization of various mechanisms, including drives, cranes, raw material supply mechanisms, APCS for pumping stations, etc. 

4) Rolling production

Modernization of rolling mills; APCS for collecting roller table, reel group, hot rolling mill, harvesting group, various support mechanisms

What we do:

 - pre-project survey 

 - design (basic, detailed) 

 - equipment manufacturing and delivery

 - installation, installation supervision 

 - commissioning works 

 - training 

 - service maintenance 

 - warranty service 

 Solution implementation results: 

  • improved worker safety in the production facility
  • increase in worker productivity 
  • lowered production costs 
  • reductions in electricity use