Our expertise

Enterprise electricity supply system

Enterprise electricity  supply systems resolves the following goals: 

• continuity and uninterrupted operation of production due to stable power supply 

• proper quality of electricity

• prevention of losses associated with the failure of electrical equipment 

• optimization of costs for providing power supply 

Steps of work:

 1) survey of the object
 2) analysis of consumers and the power they require
 3) design of electricity supply systems based on integrated power supply systems
 4) equipment  supply
 5) construction, installation and commissioning
 6) coordination with the authorities of Energy Supervision
 7) technical support 

An outdoor power supply system is necessary to transfer electricity from the power supply organization to the consumer - an industrial facility. Substations, distribution devices and power lines form the basis of the power supply system.

The Industrial Engineering Center designs technical solutions in the field of:

  • Automatic systems for the control and measurement of power consumption 
  • Industrial power supply systems 
  • Systems of the enterprise’s own generating capacities 
  • Packaged units for the conversion and distribution of 220-110-35-10-6-0.4 kV power 
  • Automatic low- (0.4 or 0,63 kV) and high- (6 or 10 kV) voltage electric drive systems on the basis of modern frequency converters  
  • Excitation systems for synchronous motors and generators
  • Electric lighting systems

Our team has experience in implementing substation construction projects, including all stages - from designing to commissioning / connection to city communications.