Our expertise


Design and implementation of technical solutions for power supply and automation for paper-making industries, including the following facilities: 

- paper machine (PM)

- cardboard making machine (CMM) 

- dryers 

- slitting machines 

- departments of mass preparation 

- transport and packaging lines 

- power boilers, pumping stations 

- water treatment systems 

- lime causticization and regeneration systems 

- air exchange systems, etc.

What we do:

- pre-project survey 

- design (basic, detailed) 

- equipment manufacturing and delivery

- installation, installation supervision 

- commissioning works 

- training 

- service maintenance 

- warranty service 


1. Electric drive 

- multi-engine electric drive for PM, CMM, Dryers 

- complete switchgears 10/6/0.69/0.4 kV 

- complete variable frequency converters 

- soft starters 

- motor excitation systems 

 APCS  of the PM electric drive allows to achieve: 

- increased in working speed 
- improving the reliability of work
- using  modern methods for operation of the electric drive system 
visualization, diagnostics and archiving of parameters

2. Control systems 

- process control (DCS) 

- quality management (QCS) 

- dispatching 

 The results of the modernization are: 

- increase in product quality 
- ensuring the smooth operation of equipment
cost production reduction 
- ability of diagnostics
- ensuring the possibility of integration with the production information system 

3. Electrical supply of production facilities 

- complete power distribution systems 110/35/10/6/0.4 kV 

- excitation systems of generators and electric motors 

 The results of using excitation systems at pulp&paper facilities: 

- increasing the operational reliability of equipment
- reducing the number of unscheduled shutdowns
ease of control and inclusion of systems
- remote control