Our expertise

Designing of indoor and outdoor engineering systems and networks

Design of indoor engineering networks includes: 

 • electricity supply and lighting project 

 • design of water supply, sanitation and sewerage facilities 

 • design of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems 

 • design of heating systems 

 • project of  boiler house 

 • projects of low-voltage systems 

 Design of outdoor engineering networks includes: 

 •  heating networks 

 •  electrical networks 

 •  outdoor water supply, sewerage and external sewerage 

 •  outdoor lighting project 

 •  design of communication networks, signaling, dispatching and video surveillance 

Steps of work: 

  1. inspection of the object 
  2. draft design 
  3. technical project 
  4. technical documentation 
  5. installation works of engineering systems 
  6. commissioning 
  7. service works