Our expertise


Turnkey projects&technical solutions:

1. APCS  in surface and underground mining and ore processing

2. Automated operating dispatch control systems for open-cut and underground mining plants 

3. Power feeding equipment (220/110/6/0.69/0.4kv): surface and underground mine distribution substations, transformer plants, multifeeder compact control stations and frequency drivers 

4. Integrated communication systems


What we do:

 - pre-project survey 

 - design (basic, detailed) 

 - equipment manufacturing and delivery

- software development 

- construction and installation works, installation supervision

 - installation, installation supervision 

 - commissioning works 

 - training 

 - service maintenance 

 - warranty service 

 Solution implementation results: 

  •  improved worker safety in the production facility
  •  increase in worker productivity 
  •  lowered production costs
  •  reductions in electricity use